woody_alex (woody_alex) wrote,

Baal (BBC, 1982), мюзикл с Дэвидом Боуи


Вылитый АК Троицкий.

Скачать (614 Мб) можно тут -

Baal is a young amoral rebellious poetic genius who, after a short and eventful life of debauchery, betrayal and violence, is about to cut his ties to the world and meet his doom. A high society party is where the end begins.

Baal is a musical by Bertolt Brecht. It was translated to English by John Willett and adapted for television by Alan Clarke and John Willett. David Bowie played the main character, Baal.
The play is set in the ten years leading up to the war (the 1st), when the german empire was booming, and consists of a string of episodes in the life of an amoral poet singer. 'Baal's hymn' outlined his stoic, almost animal philosophy - never mind viciousness, disease and death, naked or drunkeness. You embrace our world because you know the endless sky is above you.
Baal is taken up by a rich patron of the arts and seduces the man's elegant blonde wife. A middle-class student admires him. He coolly takes the student's fifteen year old girlfriend, who later drowns herself. Two years go by and he picks up a new, more worn and vulnerable mistress whom he publicly humiliates in the filthy cabaret where he is now singing. <...>
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